011 – From Childhood Rebellion to Thankful Reunion

When Sean was a kid, he found out he was adopted. That news created some conflict in him and challenged his identity. He began to rebel against his adopted parents, but some sage wisdom from his grandmother quickly set him straight. Sean returned to loving and appreciating the family he was a part of, but his desire to understand his identity never left. Older and married to his high school sweetheart, Sean’s family began to grow. He said that seeing his world in his oldest daughter’s eyes made him even more sensitive to his biological mother’s tough choice to let him go. After Sean finally mailed his introductory letter to his biological mother, which he had re-drafted several times over the years, he was finally able to reunite with her. He learned some of the ways that he’s just like his mother, and how one of his childhood sports heroes is actually his cousin!


  1. Angela Lemke on 06/11/2017 at 3:34 PM

    THANK YOU! This helps me so much to hear Shawn’s story. I’m also adopted and was subjected to some dark unforgiving acts. So I really love hearing success story’s of adopters reconnecting with biological family. I’m 50 and have not been fortunate to locate mine. Florida makes it almost impossible.
    Thank you again for what you do. Your helping us to keep the hope of finding our answers to,

    WHO AM I?
    Angela Lemke

    • Damon Davis on 06/12/2017 at 1:17 AM

      Angela, Thanks so much for listening. I’m really sorry to hear about the darkness of your past, and I hope that you’ll find some comfort in the light of reunification one day soon. Florida might make it impossible to access their records about your but social media, and DNA testing have been promising for others as I’m sure you know. I just had a DNA test turn up a fascinating connection that I hope to have the opportunity to explore further. The journey continues for us both.

      Thank you for listening!

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