013 – It Wasn’t That He Didn’t Care, He Cared Too Much

Jennifer learned that she was adopted when she was six years old. Interestingly, her adopted parents shared a letter with her that was written by her biological mother whose instructions were that Jennifer should have it when they felt she was ready. In fact, her parents had an entire package of detailed information about her adoption which satisfied some her curiosities and sparked new ones that she wanted answers to. Thanks to some clever sleuthing her biological mother was very easy to locate. Jennifer’s adopted father had calculated who her mother likely was and pinpointed where she probably lived based on some of the information they already had. But what began as a warm introduction turned cold when Jennifer was forced to repeatedly ask her biological mother for identifying information about her biological father. When she finally learned who he was, and traced his family to their home in Florida, she learned that her deepest connection on this journey was with the father she never knew.

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  1. Martha Phipps on 06/19/2017 at 10:12 PM

    Another inspirational account of the journey we take when in reunion. What affirmed this for me was to hear Jennifer talk about those connections between herself and her original parents. Those are connections that are sometimes doubted but are really there from the beginning, and are exposed once again when in reunion. Those connections are what bind us together, even after so many years apart. Thank you to Jennifer for her courage and honesty in telling another heartfelt story on this great podcast series.

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