026 – I’ve Got A Second Mom And I Can Love Them Both

At 16 years old, Ron decided to satisfy his curiosity about his first family. But his search was challenging. He was born on a South Carolina Air Force Base that had closed, the internet didn’t have the reach that it has now, and AncestryDNA’s connections didn’t help. He recruited the help of a search angel who recognized important information in the search that Ron hadn’t seen before. In the end, his mother was glad to be found, and he got some answers about himself and his family. Check out Ron’s site FindingTrueFamily.com

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  1. Ron on 09/16/2017 at 6:20 PM

    Damon, thank you for sharing my story. I LOVE IT!!! Just a quick update. Since the interview, I had a different search angel (that specializes in initial contacts) reach out to my birth-father and I (accidentally) reached out to his oldest son (besides me) on Facebook. My birth-father has not agreed to meet yet, but he wants to. He has some other family dynamics at play, with his current wife, but my half-brother (his son) and I talk on the phone almost weekly, and I have found that I have a total of 2 half-brothers and 4 half-sisters on his side. To my knowledge, the one that I am in contact with (the oldest) is the only one that knows of me.

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