072 – Amazing Intuition, One Cousin Connection

Recalling her early family life, Ann said she felt like her parents were sucked into feeling like they had to have a family, and while they were focused on creating a better world in their professional lives, that didn’t necessarily translate to their home life. She always had the feeling her parents cared more about appearances than about who their children were in their uniqueness. Ann sought out her birth mother, but found her maternal grandmother instead. The woman’s receptivity to Ann’s return seemed to be a good sign but ended with secondary rejection. There has only been one cousin who has accepted Ann into her life, and that’s because she’s distanced herself from the family too.

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  1. Alison on 10/28/2018 at 3:56 AM

    I am from Australia, and listen to your podcast every week. I am the wife of an adoptee, and my husband has had a reunion journey that recently ended in secondary rejection. I relate very much to this podcast, as in my husband’s case it is another traumatised birth mother who sadly prevents his relatives from connecting with him. I too have sympathy for her. My husband is the unacknowledged son of birth parents who eventually married and had three more children. His birth father was keen to meet, but was persuaded not to by his birth mother. They remain just voices on the phone to us. They never told a soul – my husband’s siblings don’t know he exists. We have identified his brothers and sister via social media, but my husband has not contacted them. The moral dilemma of whether to reach out has become part of our family psyche. Your podcast series is terrific, thank you.

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