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2020 National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM) – Male Adoptee Perspectives

November is National Adoption Awareness Month (#NAAM), a time to bring awareness to all of the issues that adoption brings to adoptees, families formed through adoption, and natural families of adoptees. However one underrepresented voice in the adoption constellation is that of the male adoptee.  On the “Who Am I Really?” podcast only 30% of…

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2020 National Adoption Awareness Month – Adoptee Podcaster Perspectives

Adoptees have the ultimate voice about the adoption experience. Adoptee podcasters are offering fellow adoptees outlets for sharing their inner thoughts and deepest emotions about their adoption journeys — the happy and sad, incredible experiences and the awful outcomes.  For National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM) I asked  the hosts of some of the leading adoptee…

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Turning My Journey Into Purpose

“Who Am I Really, An Adoptee Memoir” Epilogue: Turning My Journey into Purpose In March 2017, Michele, Seth, and I were on a road trip down from Washington, D.C. to Richmond, Virginia. Occasionally, we liked to visit Michele’s younger siblings, Adam and Emma. Their mother, Sally Ann, has a beautiful home with a yard and…

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Listening To Adoptee Voices:  Lessons from 50+ Adoptee Interviews

By Damon L. Davis Edited by Malini Sekhar If you’re not adopted, you probably have no clue how drastically different every adoptee’s life journey can be. While no two are the same, there are often common themes in each personal life story. I can speak on the adoption journey because I’ve lived two of the…

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