The Black Adoption Podcast

S3E32 The Black Adoption Podcast x Damon Davis

Birth Moms Real Talk

Saturday chat with Adoptees, Birth Moms and Adoptive Moms

Birth Moms Real Talk

Saturday chat with Adoptees, Birth Moms and Adoptive Moms

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Latest Episodes

167 – We Had Two Close Encounters

December 18, 2021

Today my guest is Micheleana who lives outside of Kansas city in Lawrence, Kansas. Micheleana’s early life was tumultuous after her parents divorced. Her adoptive mother passed away suddenly, and she was abandoned by her adoptive family. Incredibly her birth father walked right into her life twice and she didn’t even recognize him. Unfortunately, she…

166 – I Never Knew Nature vs Nurture

December 11, 2021

Today you’re going to meet Michael who called me from Atlanta, Georgia. Michael grew up with adoptive parents who were functional alcoholics which meant they had a dysfunctional home with a narcissistic mother and a detached father. When DNA testing linked Michael with his maternal family he learned that his siblings knew about him but…

165 – The Right Time To Be Found

December 4, 2021

Elisa lives outside of Philadelphia. She shares her story of the DNA test. She completed to learn more about her heritage that surprisingly linked her to her birth mother. The woman was lifelong friends with Elisa’s birth father’s family, but the man never knew that Elisa existed until her birth mother helped connect them at…

Damon's Journey

I had the good fortune to be reunited with my biological mother, Ann, on her birthday! Later, I found my biological father through AncestryDNA and he did't even know I existed. I enjoy sharing my story, but every adoptee's journey is very different. Subscribe to the show to learn more about how adoptees, birth families, and adoptive families are impacted by adoption.

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